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Our opening hours are 7am - 10pm Monday to Saturday and 9am - 7pm Sunday

Your local pharmacy services

Free collection and delivery service

Contact us via MyRepeats, telephone or in person at the pharmacy to arrange collection of your latest prescription from you local GP surgery. We can also arrange delivery of your prescription items should you require the free service.

Medicine Use Review

An opportunity for patients to have some sit down time with the pharmacist to review their medication and discuss how it is working. This could be anything from a query with timings of taking your tablets to problems with reordering to a discussion on side effects that you may be experiencing.

New Medication service

Many people struggle to take new medication from the outset, as they have concerns about side effects and the benefits of taking it. The pharmacist will offer support to patients who have started new medication or medication at a different dosage. The new medicaction service will be aimed at medication to treat certain conditions as stipulated by the NHS. An initial consultation will be followed up by a second after a couple of weeks.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Our accredited pharmacists can supply, free of charge 'the morning after pill' providing the necessary criteria are met.

Weight Management Service

Including Lipotrim - An opportunity to discuss healthy diet, exercise or register on one of the pharmac's weight loss programmes. Lipotrim is a diet exclusive to pharmacy. Please ask at the pharmacy for more details.

Chlamydia Screening and treatment

After unprotected sex a chlamydia test may be necessary. A simple urine test to determine if chlamydia is present can be performed in the pharmacy. The sample is sent off for analysis and the result communicated to the patient in confidence. If an infection is detected, an appointment can be made via RU Clear at the pharmacy for a simple course of antibiotic treatment.

Malaria travel clinic

After a brief consultation with the pharmacist, malaria prevention medication can be prescribed and then sold to patients who are travelling abroad. There is no need for a GP's prescription. Medications sold include Malarone and Doxycycline. Advice is also offered on insect repellents and other travel medications to aid safety on your trip abroad.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) clinic

After a short, private consultation with our male pharmacist, patients may be authorised purchase Viagra tablets, Cialis tablets and other medication to help with ED.

This service gives access to medication which is not always available on an NHS prescription to some patients. Please ask for a confidential appointment.

Headlice Treatment

Lotions are provided to patients who present at the pharmacy with evidence of headlice.

Smoking cessation service

Nicotine replacement products may be supplied after consultation with our pharmacist. This avoids the need to obtain a prescription from your doctor or purchase of the products at full price over the counter.

Healthly lifestyle advice

Part of our everyday over the counter service. Please feel free to discuss with us as part of a Medication Use Review or any consultation within the pharmacy environment.

Repeat Dispensing ordering

Please leave the repeat half of your prescription with the pharmacy so that it is on file. You may then call in, telephone, email or use My Repeats via the link on this website to arrange a reorder of your regular repeat medication.

Disposal of unwanted medicines

Please return any unwanted or discontinued medication to the pharmacy so that it may be disposed of safely. Needles and lancets need to returned in the necessary sharps container back to your GP surgery.